All our products are handmade.

How We Got Started

When Aunt Hellen, an older southern woman from New Orleans with two sisters, was diagnosed with psoriasis, she looked into the modern medications and their side affects.  After carefully reading the horrible side effects of modern medicine she decided to contact her sisters and check out old family remedies that may help her condition.  While her sister Pearl’s suggestion of dancing naked under a full moon with a young virgin man had a certain appeal to it, Hellen decided it was more practical to try home made soap infused with essential oils might be more practical, especially now that she was living in Minnesota and it was the middle of winter.  Hellen tried many batches of soaps and different essential oil suppliers until she found the quality and relief she hoped for.  Now her goal is to help others with natural soaps and essential oil blends while making sure they are quality products that are affordable to everyone.